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Nike Free 3.0Combined, these brand building components have led to incredible growth for Nike and its investors across the globe. Through the first six months of its current fiscal year, Nike has enjoyed a 14% increase in North American sales, a 27% jump in Western European sales, and a 19% rise in greater China sales. China had previously been a sore spot for Nike, so to see the company growing footwear sales in China by 30% is a great sign and a clear indication that its brand visibility in Asia is improving.. The NBA owners want them out of the Olympics, supposedly to protect their assets from injury. The international teams, convinced they are unbeatable, have taken to tanking games and punching each other in the you know whats. If there is one thing we learned, it that Team USA is too good in men basketball. Just had a giant mural festival that just happened last week, Montreal just had their tenth year. It totally accepted in other Canadian cities why not do it here? adds, you come into town and see all these murals, you know right away there a living culture here. And people keep writing us, giving us walls.. Exposure limits for RF fields are developed by international bodies such as the International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). ICNIRP is a non governmental organization formally recognised by WHO. The Commission uses health risk assessments developed in conjunction with WHO to draft their guidelines on exposure limits. Indian political brands have much to learn in this space. They not only need to build their base of social media fans, they also have to explore innovative methods of using the mobile telephone as a medium, given how ubiquitous the cell phone is in our country. And they should begin fast, well before the run up to the elections begins.. It's the big one.Our team of James Pearce, Andy Kelly and Ian Doyle are at Anfield this afternoon to get all the reaction after Jurgen Klopp's men tried to defeat Jose Mourinho's Man United team.A win for the Reds would have put them four points behind their bitter rivals but they avoided a defeat which would have derailed their season even further.Key EventsConfirmed Liverpool team to face Manchester United11:29The James Pearce verdictRight, I leave you with James Pearce match verdict.He says that frustration reigned at Anfield. But Liverpool are making a lot of progress under Jurgen Klopp.Take a look at that here.Carragher Klopp wasn't adventurous enoughJose Mourinho isn the only one questioning Jurgen Klopp ambition.Jamie Carragher reckons the Reds boss should have sacrificed a midfielder to bring on an attacker against Manchester United.Klopp made changes but he still kept the three man midfield the same, he said.Manchester United showed such a lack of ambition it was worth taking a risk by leaving Coutinho on and bringing on another attacking player. Yes, you can get done on the counter but it was obvious United were here for a 0 0 and hoping to nick a goal from a set piece or a counter attack.

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